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Planning for the unexpected: A PWRDF monthly donor reflects

PWRDF monthly donor, Susan Little

August 10, 2023

By Jacqueline Tucci

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Every donation PWRDF receives is a meaningful contribution to the important work of our partners in Canada and around the world. Generous gifts from our monthly donors allow us to plan alongside our partners for upcoming projects and programs, and to be prepared to respond quickly when emergencies strike.

Becoming a monthly donor was an easy choice for Susan Little, a retired high-school English teacher from Hamilton, Ontario.

“Before becoming one, I would depend upon the regular mailings to submit a donation and then the unexpected demand would occur – a flood, a sudden shortage of food or an urgent and unexpected need in some part of our world – and then I would respond.

“One day, I translated such urgent requests into my role as a parent trying to manage a household budget. An unexpected home repair arises and I have to dig into my savings to cover it; I budget carefully to have such savings available so it is easy to manage the unexpected things.

“If PWRDF is in a somewhat similar situation, with a routine budget to cover the routine costs, it is easy to manage global development and relief. However, when a series of unexpected events happen, the whole structure is put under extreme pressure.

“That is why I became a monthly donor. In my opinion, PWRDF does a fantastic job in serving the needs of our global family. [Monthly donations] give PWRDF a more dependable source of income to work with throughout the year and can rely on its monthly donors for such stability. Furthermore, it’s easy for me to know that I am supporting something I care about because I don’t have to remember to donate regularly: it’s done for me with little effort on my part. Most of all, being a monthly donor allows me to donate as sudden and unexpected needs arise, because my budget is already working for me and I can choose how much more money I can afford for some people in serious difficulty.

“I strongly urge others to prayerfully consider their own financial situation and, if possible, to give a boost to the work of PWRDF. Imagine the delight of those making it happen for those who so desperately need our support!”

Becoming a monthly donor is easy!

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