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Passion and commitment

Diocesan representatives braving the elements on a farm tour. Photo: Carolyn Vanderlip

April 11, 2016

By Carolyn

It was a cold, blustery and snowy November day, and the intrepid PWRDF diocesan reps were bundled up and carefully making their way towards a farmer’s field just outside of Peterborough to learn first hand what it’s like to grow local produce on a small farm, and how local food issues are connected to global food issues.

No one stayed behind or waited on the bus; this dedicated group was keen to learn more about food security, and a little bit of weather wasn’t going to stop them.

I am constantly amazed by the passion and commitment shown by our volunteers – board members, diocesan reps, Youth Council and Ambassadors, and parish reps. They care deeply about PWRDF’s vision of a truly just, healthy and peaceful world.  And they tell stories, raise awareness, and encourage support for PWRDF in countless ways.

Does your parish have PWRDF information on a display board or in handout materials, or in the Sunday bulletin? Has there been a bake sale or rummage sale to raise funds? A Sunday speaker or a PWRDF focused Sunday? A fundraising luncheon or dinner? A diocesan workshop? A PWRDF report or a display table at Synod? You can be sure that a dedicated PWRDF volunteer was behind that.

One of our newer diocesan reps told me, “It is good to feel part of such a great team!”  Without our wonderful team of volunteers, PWRDF partners in Canada and around the world would not be able to make such a significant difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities.

As an expression of our gratitude for the words, prayers, and actions of our many volunteers, the PWRDF staff put together a little video to share during Volunteer Appreciation Week.  With everything that you do, you are changing lives, changing communities, and changing the world!

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