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Paige Arden

Province of BC Yukon Rep

Paige currently resides in Nanaimo, BC, which is located on the traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nations. She is currently in her last year of high school. For a large part of her life, Paige has been in the French Immersion program, and so has managed to become more or less fluent through that. Languages have always been a big component of her schooling, and while her Spanish is currently only conversational, it is something that she is hoping to improve with time. Paige has a passion for history and is planning to go to a post-secondary school for a BA in History. As such, she is currently a dual-track student enrolled in history classes at Vancouver Island University, where her school district has provided funding for her to attend a few transferrable university courses while also allowing her to use the credits toward her Dogwood (BC high school) Diploma.

While she has always put a certain emphasis on school, Paige realizes that it is a privilege and believe that we all need to work together to find a way to make it not so. “Literacy and education are somehow still problems in the 21st century, and so I am quite passionate about speaking with and empowering fellow youth to get out there and start talking about this issue. By getting the word out there, we bring attention to the injustice and allow for changes to be made. I have always been rather enthusiastic about the issue of education, especially women’s, but I have only recently started to take notice of multiple social justice issues both in Canada and worldwide. I am excited to be a part of the PWRDF Youth Council and have the opportunity to help take action and get people talking.”