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PWRDF Development Project

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St. Jude’s mission is to support poverty eradication efforts of smallholder farmers through promotion of integrated organic farming for sustainable livelihoods. The main goal of project is for vulnerable women, particularly widows, to become fully involved in enterprises that can generate both food and income to improve their livelihoods. Participants learn in sustainable farming practices, crop production, agro-enterprises, nutrition awareness, and soil and water conservation technologies, (compositing, mulching, water retention ditches and agro-forestry). By the end of March 2018, 90% of the 210 female beneficiaries were able to afford two nutritious meals a day, a shift from one uncertain meal at the beginning of the project. The project has helped beneficiaries to double their overall agricultural productivity. The participants have also adopted soil and water conservation practices and planting of early maturing food crops to address immediate food deficits. Over 60% of the beneficiaries produced food surpluses.

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