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South Sudan

PWRDF Development Project

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As South Sudan marked the seventh anniversary of its independence from Sudan in July 2018, six community leaders began participating in a course to promote healing and reconciliation in the fragile state.

The three-week course was taught in Kigali, Rwanda, by Healing and Rebuilding Our Community (HROC). Born out of the trauma of the Rwanda genocide, HROC’s goal is to “promote peace education to establish a future generation guided by nonviolent and harmonious values.”

PWRDF’s association with HROC began in July 2016, when Rebecca Deng, a former lost girl of South Sudan now living in Winnipeg, and Atong Mayol Juuk, a woman from the Mother’s Union in Bor, South Sudan, completed a three-week HROC facilitator’s workshop in Kigali.

Soon after, Deng founded the Winnipeg Women’s Resource Centre in Bor with the help of the Winnipeg South Sudanese community’s Emmanuel Mission and its host church, St. Matthew’s Anglican. Since Deng and Juuk took the course, the Rev. Cathy Campbell and the team in Winnipeg have been keen to promote and share the HROC in South Sudan through PWRDF and its community partners on the ground.

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PWRDF support South Sudanese peace builders in Rwanda