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Partner: Cordillera People’s Alliance Project: Indigenous rights, food assistance # of people serving: 2,400

PWRDF Development Project

Cordillera Cluster-Cordillera People’s Alliance work together on Indigenous peoples’ rights and good governance in Benguet and Mt. Provinces. The organization is seeking self-determination for indigenous people in the Cordillera region. CPA is implementing the Empowerment and Socio-Economic Development Project in collaboration with people’s organization to mobilize and advocate on four issues. The issues include:

  • food sufficiency, sustainable agriculture, and people’s welfare
  • indigenous people’s rights and right to self-determination, defense of ancestral land and environmental protection
  • human rights, international humanitarian law and peace talks
  • empowerment of youth, women, tribal elders and tribal leaders.

Approximately 16,000 women, men and youth were reached on these issues through indigenous people’s rights advocacy and mobilization and approximately 6,500 of these women, men and youth actively participated in indigenous people’s mobilization activities. In the midst of intensifying repression, indigenous people continued their collective actions. These included: seeking justice for victims of rights violations while campaigning against militarization and other forms of repression; opposing aggressive natural resource development by corporations; and consolidating their capacity and expanding to more organizations and communities for a stronger voice and action in asserting their rights.

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