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Partner: Central Visayas Farmers Development Center, Inc. (FARDEC) Project: Indigenous rights, food assistance
 # of people serving: 2,400

PWRDF Development Project

Peasant farmers in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines have limited land tenure, low crop yields and are vulnerable to the adverse affects from climate change and natural disasters. To address these challenges, the objective of the Integrated Development Program for the Peasants of Central Visayas is to increase land access, improve food security and strengthen resilience to climate change for peasant farmers. Community empowerment and a rights-based approach are the foundation of the program. 10,720 farmers from 241 communities are participating in the program, which is building their capacity to organize to claim their land rights and to mobilize them in engaging with duty bearers in the government. Furthermore, the farmers are participating in training on sustainable agricultural practices to increase land productivity and strengthen their resilience to climate change and natural disasters. Farmers who are interested in advocating to civil society and increasing awareness on the issues they encounter are encouraged to become barefoot journalists. They participate in trainings on media work, radio broadcasting, writing news stories and how to effectively relay what is happening in their communities. They become field correspondents for FARDEC Radio Programs “Sowing on the Airwaves” and “Spring of Truth”. This allows farmers’ issues (often overlooked by mainstream media) to reach a larger audience.