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El Salvador

PWRDF Development Project

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CoCoSI (Committee Against AIDS) is made up of professionals in HIV/STIs and Gender Based Violence who develop workshops for women, children, adolescents and teens, people living with HIV, prison populations, and the public at large. CoCoSI focuses on HIV prevention, community education against bullying, hate crimes, and reduction in violence against women and LGBTI people. It also aims to reduce adolescent pregnancies in the Department of Cabañas by carrying out reproductive and sexual health education. The CoCoSI radio program broadcasts messages addressing issues of HIV, adolescent reproductive and sexual health, violence against women and has reached 6,000 listeners. Workshops on gender identity and gender-based violence, HIV prevention, adolescent reproductive and sexual health education, and dating violence in the schools have reached 800 young people. About 60 women participated in workshops focused on the prevention of HIV/STIs, anti-discrimination laws, family planning and processes to denounce abuse and domestic violence. In addition, 58 people from the two local self-support groups and the Sensuntepeque Prison attended workshops on sex education, individual and oral hygiene.

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