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PWRDF is accepting donations for Australia bushfire relief.


Emergency Relief

The Cuban Council of Churches responded to the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma, mainly in the town of Punta Alegre, in the municipality of Chambas, Ciego de Ávila province, located on the country´s north coast. The hurricane recovery provided psychosocial support to facilitate emotional and spiritual recovery of the people. Recovery efforts also provided various families with the means necessary to start the recovery of their small businesses, provided services for the community, and held educational activities in hygiene promotion. Food kits, household non-food items, newborn care items, basic hygiene items and equipment for access Canada Territory of the People (phase-2) $6,000 Canada Territory of the People (phase 3) $10,000 Canada St. Thomas’s and All Saint’s Anglican Church, Fort McMurray (phase 3) $40,200 Cuba ACT Alliance $20,000 21 to safe water were also part of the support being offered, thanks to the collaboration of the Embassy of Canada in Cuba. Relief was mainly focused on elderly persons, persons with disability, persons with chronic diseases, pregnant women and single mothers who were heads of households.