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Partner: UBINIG Maternal and Child Health Care
 Project: Daighors Sustainability
 # of people benefitted: 65,000w

PWRDF Development Project

This project serves pregnant women, women of reproductive age, children under five and adolescent boys and girls in 130 villages in 15 districts through a variety of activities to improve maternal, newborn and child health access. Maternal and child health-related advice was provided by 35 Daighors or midwife centres (DaiCenter for Maternal and Child Health) and home visits by Dais (midwives), advice on food and nutrition, awareness building, social and right-based activities. The project also emphasizes the need for sustainability so that the Daighors can still operate with reduced external funding. During the reporting period, 35 Daighors operated under the management of trained Dais who were supervised by project staff. Dais conducted 65,807 visits with pregnant women, women of reproductive age, children under five and adolescent girls. Out of these visits, 1,613 women were referred to government hospitals and community clinics for further service. In general, 80% of pregnant women in the selected villages visited Daighors or were visited by Dai Mas. Other project activities include: exchange and exposure visits by 53 Dais and Daighors Associates; refresher training for 87 Dais; training of 15 Dais; mothers meeting on safe food and nutrition for 2,603 mothers; training of 76 participants on Dai collective operations; male members meeting for 236 participants; community meetings on the sustainability of Daighors with 618 participants; Dai meetings with 1,234 participants and meetings with different levels of government.

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