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Bangladesh Rohingya Response

Emergency Relief

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PWRDF contributed to the ACT Alliance appeal for Rohingya refugee crisis response in Bangladesh. From October 2017 through the end of May 2017, ACT members collectively reached out and provided support in the form of food aid to 2,880 households, 75,908 individuals were assisted with protection and psychosocial support. 5,000 households received NFI (non-food items) kits. 43,281 households received shelter upgrade kits. 166,157 Individuals received WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) services. 44 community leaders received risk awareness sessions to prepare for the monsoon season.

Refugee Camps

This project responded to the immediate needs of the Rohingya refugees. 7 different campsites covering 257,645 individuals in phase 1 and 169,327 in phase 2 received food rations. The food basket included lentils, vegetable oil, sugar and salt. Rice was provided by the World Food Program, and that allowed CFGB to reach out to higher number of beneficiaries.

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PWRDF responds to Rohingya relief on behalf of Anglicans