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Consejo de Iglesias de Cuba (CIC) – Programa de Desarrollo Sostenible (PDS)

  • The Council of Churches of Cuba (CIC) established a Health Reference Group to address issues related to the COVID-19 formed by specialists in microbiology and immunology and are in charge of designing and developing working guidelines and procedures for confronting the effects of this virus in Cuba.
  • An Emergency Committee has been activated, periodically calling meetings at the CIC offices.
  • The Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan of the Cuba Forum of the ACT Alliance and the protocols established therein have been reviewed.
  • The guides and documents sent by the ACT Alliance, the Sphere Manual, the WHO, and the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Cuba have been reviewed and shared.
  • Communication has been established with the Provincial Coordinators of the CIC and the community programs. They have been instructed to be attentive to the communiqués and the Situation Reports of the Council of Churches of Cuba and the authorities of the country.
  • Member organizations, fraternal associates and churches in general will be called on the need to be actors in the community that promote the spirit of solidarity, fellowship and responsibility, promoting good practices, common sense, taking the necessary measures in temples, and places of worship that prevent the spread of the epidemic.
  • The faith community in general is urged to adhere to the guidelines of the health authorities, facilitating the work that is available.
  • The Cuban Council of Churches promotes an emphasis on the care and protection of the most vulnerable populations in our society.
  • We believe in the power of prayer and the strength of unity.

The Integral Development Program (PDM) of the Episcopal Church of Cuba (ECC)

  • The organization is in compliance with CIC guidelines in Cuba.
  • The Disaster Management Committees have been activated in all of PDM-ECC communities and have been preparing people to face the dangers of a greater potential impact.
  • PDM-ECC staff are in the Diocesan Committee at the Cathedral in Havana monitoring the situation and supporting the PDM-ECC local promoters.
  • PDM-ECC is hoping to take advantage of the threat and turn it into an opportunity to strengthen work for greater resilience in Cuba.