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The whole country is in quarantine until mid April. International flights are grounded. Long distance transport is restricted

ECLOF Colombia

  • The situation is very complex.
  • ECLOF has adopted the necessary measures to protect its collaborators and clients.
  • Their offices are closed.
  • They will adjust depending of the evolution of the situation.


  • Activities of the Radio Network Project Voces y Susurros de los Paramos have been postponed.
  • No visits and no in-person training are taking place – no displacement to-from provinces/regions.
  • They are planning virtual training when possible. This is changing their schedule for the year.  

ILSA Colombia

  • No meetings and group reunions allowed, only by virtual means
  • In Boyacá where we have our work borders are closed
  • All offices are closed; only hospitals, Banks, and public transportation are working
  • Some items/ products at the markets are scarce
  • People are teleworking when possible  
  • Postponed activities in the communities; we keep in communication with them.
  • Staff is working from home. We expect to meet the accountant soon to finish our report.
  • Staff is concentrating in planning, re-scheduling and writing.