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New worship resource celebrates 60 years

January 17, 2019

By Janice Biehn

PWRDF is pleased to share a new worship resource. Partners Together on a Journey was created by PWRDF’s Public Engagement Coordinator, Suzanne Rumsey, for parishes to use during our 60th anniversary year celebration. “Ideally parishes will organize a ‘PWRDF Sunday’ on February 3 or February 10, in line with International Development Week,” says Rumsey. “But if that timing doesn’t work out, the resource can be used any time of year, and beyond the 60th anniversary year.”

The resource is organized into two services: a Eucharist and a Service of the Word. Separate PDFs of each service are available to download and print should parishes want to use either service in its entirety. Recognizing that all churches have different traditions and styles of worship, the parts of each service are also available separately: readings, Psalm setting, Prayers of the People, PWRDF stories and even a sample sermon.

Writes Rumsey, “This resource provides an opportunity to reflect on the 60 years of a journey that Anglicans have undertaken in partnership with communities in Canada and throughout the world through The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. It is also an opportunity to hold up before God in worship our present and future journey together as, in the words of our vision statement, we seek to build ‘a truly just, peaceful and healthy world’.”

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