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Moving hearts, minds and hands

January 18, 2010

By pwrdf

Voices of Hope Pew Bulletin Story

In 2004, when PWRDF launched its HIV/AIDS initiative, Partnership for Life, Anglicans in Canada, made their creative mark on the project through the Ribbon of Hope. The ribbon is made of 600 squares of silk-screened denim patches marked with individual prayers, concerns and memorials by attendees at the 2004 General Synod. This 40-foot ribbon has hung in more than 50 churches, shared messages of hope with thousands of Canadians and invited action by countless Christians from coast to coast to coast. Over the past three years, 200 patches were added by hosting communities to make two more panels. Some express hope: “We will never give up.” Some express loss: “We will never forget you.” Some, anger: “Don’t just stand there, do something!” Together, these ribbons have moved heart, minds and hands. Yvonne Lane, the former program assistant for PWRDF, has seen how important the ribbon has become. “Every month I receive calls from ministers, church leaders, parishioners and youth to borrow our Ribbon of Hope,” she says. “I carefully pack these squares and bring them downstairs to our mail room. I try to remember to add a few bags of buttons, beads and glitter with some blank denim squares and fabric markers, for those who want and need to add to these live journals. I pat the box before leaving and think to myself, ‘You are on your way to make a difference. Go my friend and move mountains.’ And I feel grateful that I have played a small part.”

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