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Lent 2020

Listen to the Lenten Gospels

This Lent, PWRDF invites you to join us on an audio journey through the Gospels of Lent.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday and continuing each Sunday to Easter, you will receive an email with an audio recording of the day’s Gospel and an audio reflection responding to the Gospel by Archbishop Linda Nicholls and six other friends of PWRDF. (Written texts will also be provided.)

On each of the following three days, you will receive emails inviting you to listen to the reading again and enter into your own time of reflection using Gospel-based Discipleship, the practice developed by the Anglican Church of Canada’s Indigenous Ministries. This practice asks you to identify how the words speak to you, and what Jesus (the Gospel) is saying to you, and what Jesus (the Gospel) is calling you to do. On Thursday and Friday, we will invite you to read how PWRDF responds to the Gospel message through our projects and partners.

Click to read the Introduction and more detailed instructions by Suzanne Rumsey.

Our diverse group of voices are (click on each week):