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Leah Marshall

Province of Rupert’s Land Rep

Leah participated in Sharing Bread (Two) led by PWRDF in Sorrento, B.C. in the summer of 2015. Leah led a session on “faith and farming” by giving a testimony about growing up on an organic livestock farm. Her faith informs her activism on issues of local food justice. She is passionate about many areas of social justice, however issues that are of particular interest are those that involve supporting international small-scale sustainable farming operations, food justice, refugee and relief issues, as well as social and developmental aid for the homeless and localized poverty. Leah is excited to be further involved with the work PWRDF does, and is eager to learn, as well as to contribute a perspective in localized agriculture within our own country. Leah lives in a 103-year-old house, she is a shepherdess, and a passionate musician and writer. She has played the flute for eight years.