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James Mesich

Promotions Lead

James is from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on the land of the Robinson-Huron treaty and is currently the chair of the promotions committee. James was introduced to the PWRDF organization while attending General Synod in 2016 as the Youth Representative for the Diocese of Algoma. He has always been interested in social justice and has been involved in many fundraisers while growing up but always felt like the benefit from them where short term. People came to donate and went home most likely to not think about it until the following year. When he first heard about PWRDF he was struck by the work they do, not only to help but also to connect with people on the ground in order to facilitate lasting change. He saw an opportunity to be involved and to help push for change that will continue to help people for years to come and has enjoyed every moment of the experience so far.