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Introducing Fred Says 2015

February 6, 2015

By Christine Hills

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Another step in a journey already begun

What do a goat in Tanzania, a rice mill in the Philippines, a spirulina tank in India, certified seeds in the Diocese of Masasi and Archbishop Fred Hiltz have in common?

They are all part of this year’s continuing Fred Says Food Security Campaign! Fred Says is PWRDF’s three-year campaign to raise awareness, to educate and learn locally and globally, and to support partners’ initiatives. Archbishop Hiltz is the Fred in Fred Says and is motivated by the work of PWRDF and the difference that PWRDF supporters are making.

Join Fred as he takes us to PWRDF partners and projects to look at the great work being done and the change that a secure source of food can make for vulnerable people and communities.

The four 2015 Fredisms are being introduced together to give people flexibility around when and how they are integrated:

Rice is Nice introduces Philippine rice farmers who have lived through a devastating typhoon and struggle to feed and educate their families, often on land they do not own. Earning a good price for their rice will encourage many to make their livelihoods from the land to ensure a secure food source for the future.

Kids Rock illustrates the value of a goat-and the increased value of two goats! Kizito is living with AIDS in the small community of Mkumba. The Diocese of Masasi in Tanzania runs a program that teaches the benefits of goat ownership not only for individuals like Kizito but for the entire community.

It’s Easy Being Green when you live in a spirulina cultivating refugee camp in Tamil Nadu, India. Spirulina is a protein rich algae and is called ‘miracle food’ by those who produce it and those who take it. Spirulina products also generate much needed income.

Veg Out is the story of ‘passing it on’.  Seeds, that is. In southern Tanzania, farmers have produced foundation seeds that will allow them to grow and sell seeds to others. 20% is given back to the village seed bank to ensure a more food secure future.

Download Fred Says toolkits.

Access 2013/2014 Fred Says photos through Flickr.

The 2014 Fredisms and are still available for viewing and support with the exception of Some Like it Hot which has concluded and is a great example of a Fred Says success story!

Food security is an important and all encompassing part of the work of PWRDF. Please join us as we continue to learn and to support PWRDF partners.

For information on the campaign, please contact Christine Hills.

As Fred Says, “It all starts with food”: education, health, the ability to work and to provide food for life.

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