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Indigenous Responsive Grant Funding Criteria

PWRDF welcomes grant applications based on the following considerations:

  • Project activities are responding to Indigenous-led priorities.
  • Applications are from Indigenous communities or organizations, or Dioceses of the Anglican Church of Canada for programming that responds to Indigenous-led priorities.
  • Charitable registration status with the Canadian Revenue Agency is not required.

Past grant recipients

Project Sectors

Projects in the following sectors will be considered for funding:

  • Community Health: activities that foster awareness, educate, and support the Indigenous community in:
    • suicide and addictions preventionfamily violenceFetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)HIV and AIDSmental health promotiontraditional caregivers
    • midwives and doula/birth work support
  • Youth Engagement: activities that promote knowledge, expertise, empowerment, self-sufficiency, and practice of traditional cultural values, such as:
    • youth self-esteem and identity strengtheningleadership and entrepreneurship training
    • revitalization of culture and language through connections to the land  
  • Climate Action: activities that promote Indigenous knowledge and traditions related to:
    • natureland stewardship
    • promotion of Indigenous farming, trapping, fishing activities, including dissemination of community findings as response to climate change
  • Safe Water: activities that support:
    • work experience and training on maintenance and operation of drinking water infrastructure and/or water treatment plants
    • skills development in installation of water and wastewater systems as part of local strategic initiatives aimed to ensure safe, clean, drinking water in Indigenous communities

The following types of expenses or projects are not eligible:

  • Scholarships, fellowships, dinners, or event sponsorships
  • Capital costs relating to purchase, improvement, or renovation of any facilities, including land, major equipment and motor vehicles
  • Media campaigns or programs except as part of an overall project
  • Annual fund drives or capital or endowment campaigns
  • Research efforts without direct practical development application
  • Political campaigns and lobbying activities
  • Financing of deficits
  • Activities that have already happened

Application Review and Approval Process

Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Grants are dependent upon the availability of funds. The awarded applicants will report after six months from the signing of release of funds agreement and at the project completion. 

PWRDF staff will review all applications and make recommendations to the Management Team, as per our current process of review for project initiatives.

Indigenous Responsive Grant Fund FAQ