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In Your Honour cards

Thank you for purchasing a gift from the World of Gifts guide! If you would like to make your gift in honour of a friend or loved one, please feel free to download and print the post card for the appropriate gift, fill out the reverse side and mail.

Gifts of Clean Water

Shallow Water Wells in Kenya
Water Accessibility
Water pump attendant kit

Gifts of Climate Action

Mangrove replanting
Emergency Food Relief with CFGB
Healthy Food in Cuba
Women Farmers in Zimbabwe

Gifts of Food Security and Agriculture

Seeds for Farmers
Organic Farm Supplies
Farm Tools
Pineapple Seedlings
Buy the Whole Farm

Gifts of Health

Safe Birth
Equip a Doctor
Bike Repair Kit for CHWs
Mosquito Nets
Equip a maternity ward
Women of Maison Dorcas in DRC
Substance Abuse Prevention in Thai-Burmese Refugee Camps

Gifts Supporting Indigenous Communities

Indigenous Youth Microfinance
Indigenous Ministries Youth Suicide Prevention