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In-Canada Emergency Response

Canada has experienced an increase in the frequency and severity of natural disasters. Wildfires, hurricanes and floods have affected thousands of families and individuals. When these emergencies occur, PWRDF invites dioceses to apply for relief funding.

In 2023, in response to unprecedented wildfires from coast to coast, PWRDF launched a separate fund for in-Canada emergency response. This fund will allow us to respond quickly when a diocese asks us for support, rather than wait to raise funds for individual disasters. Diocese can request short-, medium- and longer- term support depending on their specific needs. These could include emergency accommodations, gift cards to purchase food, water and essentials, counselling and post-trauma supports, or locally identified long-term recovery activities to help rebuild community assets and increase community resilience.  

For more information read our PWRDF In-Canada Emergency Preparedness and Response Guidelines or our In-Canada Emergency Response booklet (as single pages or spreads).