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Hospice Services for AIDS Patients

June 21, 2010

By pwrdf

 HIV and AIDS is devastating communities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa; 21 million people live with HIV there.  The health sectors of several countries are overstretched.  PWRDF, along with other  non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and churches are playing an important role in providing health care, hospice services, education, treatment, support and solidarity to people living with HIV and AIDS. Through voluntary counseling and testing mothers are prevented from transmitting the virus to the children. When people with AIDS get sick, the recovery is long and difficult.  Caregivers in hospices provide around the clock care to patients.  They feed them, wash them, make sure that patients feel loved.

Your donation of $50 can provide counseling and HIV testing for one person in Sub-Saharan Africa.  A $150 donation can provide care for a patient in a hospice for a month.

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