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Home Away from Home

June 19, 2013

By act

I arrived in Mtwara later than expected on Friday. The flight was delayed. Geoffrey Monjesa (who is known to many in Canada as he was ordained at the Diocese of Montreal’s Synod last year) and his colleague Neema came to the airport to pick me up. We got settled in to make the three hour trek to Masasi. The trek was mostly seamless”¦ except for the flat tire we had on the way. Our excellent driver had the spare replaced and had us back on the road quickly.

They brought me to the Guest House that the Diocese runs. Sister Phoebe greets us with a warm smile and greets me with “Karibu sana” (you are very welcome). She has prepared dinner. We eat as we are tired and hungry from the long journey.

I sleep in the double bed covered in a mosquito net. It isn’t the rainy season right now. But mosquitos love me, so I figure I’m better to be safe and sleep under the net. I later learn that there is a truck full of supplies (including mosquito nets ready to go to Nachengwa ““ a community that PWRDF works in that I will get a chance to visit on Monday). I’m amazed that such a simple thing like a bed covered in netting is able to save so many people from malaria.

In the morning I wake up to Sister Pheobe’s bright smile and a table of breakfast prepared for me. Sweet potatoes cooked in tomato sauce, cashews, a hard boiled egg and a banana. I am treated so well here. It is nice to have a home away from home. I feel ready to start a full day of meeting with our partners and visiting PWRDF projects.

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