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Heading Home

June 26, 2013

By act

I’ve just boarded my last plane and I’m heading home. I have an achy back, many mosquito bites, and big bags under my eyes due to the lack of sleep”¦ but my heart is full. I feel full of excitement and hope”¦ Full of pride for the work that PWRDF does”¦ Full of commitment to the partnership we have built over many years with the Diocese of Masasi.

I knew that this trip would be a good experience. I knew that I would come back charged to continue the work that I do in Canada. But words can’t describe the passion that I feel for the work we are doing.

When I was getting ready to leave many people asked me to send greetings to folks in Masasi ““ to Geoffrey, to Bishop Patrick, and to Mama Lulu (Bishop Patrick’s wife). It was clear to me that connections already existed, deep and meaningful connections. This time for me, enabled me to experience these deep and meaningful connections firsthand.

As I go home, I start to think about the next few months ahead. I now get to pull together pieces for an International Internship program. I’m excited for us to continue to deepen our relationship with the Diocese of Masasi, and I’m excited to offer an opportunity for two young people to get to immerse themselves in working with our partners. Such opportunity awaits!

So as I head to Pearson International airport, these thoughts float through my head. Thoughts about the good work we are doing”¦ the relationships that have been built”¦ and the excitement for the new work and new relationships to come.

There is work to do”¦ but first I will sleep and let some time zones catch up with me.

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