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Halima Muharram

Halima is an elderly woman who has been forcibly displaced from her home in Sa’ada almost three years ago and is now living in Al-Jawf. She lost her eldest son who left behind five orphaned children. Her family is faced with stricken poverty and severe food insecurity. Since the loss of her son, she has been responsible to fend for his children and elderly husband despite her old age. “As you can see, the poor kids have a miserable life,” says Halima. “When one of us gets sick, there is no one to help us.”

Halima’s family is in dire need of basic food items that she cannot afford to purchase. Back in their hometown, they used to have access to various food items, but then found themselves displaced with nothing to eat and with no access to clean water or basic sanitation services. Halima was forced to take on the new role as head of household. She is ill-equipped for this responsibility, which heightened her family’s vulnerability and left her struggling to access basic services and essential food items.

Halima, like millions of displaced persons, is in need of urgent humanitarian assistance to ensure her family’s basic survival. Every day they are away from their home is a day of suffering.

– ADRA Yemen