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Lent and Advent

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Lent Resources


Seeding Health: Lenten Meditations on the Climate Crisis and Well-being

Health and well-being – without one, the other simply isn’t possible. Likewise, the well-being of humans isn’t possible without a healthy planet. This theme is at the centre of PWRDF’s 2024 Lent Resource. Every day of the Lenten season, beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 14, you will receive a daily email with a reflection from Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat, on what health, well-being and good living require of us in our lives and our relationships with one another, with creation and with God. 

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Nurturing Creation

PWRDF invites you into a Lenten Conversation As PWRDF’s Creation Care: Climate Action education focus moves into its second year, now centering on gender, we invited three women who participated in COP26 to enter into a Lenten conversation. 

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Creation care: climate action

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Scripture Reading List

Lent 2021 Children’s Resource

Explore Lent with your Sunday School, your children or grandchildren using this resource designed for 6- to 12-year-olds. Each week is centered on a PWRDF partner taking climate action.

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Our 2020 Lenten reflections incorporated audio reflections and asked people to Listen to the Gospels. Seven guest contributors read the Sunday Gospel lessons and their own reflections. Click here to learn more.


PWRDF’s Lenten resource, Our Lenten Journey through the Waters of Baptism, provides an opportunity to pray, act and give while deepening your understanding of the work of PWRDF and partners. Written by the Venerable Charlene Taylor of the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador.

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We are grateful to former Youth Council member Allie Colp for writing this year’s Lent Resource, which was enjoyed by more than 700 subscribers.

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Advent Resources


Hope in Action: Reflections on Farming, Family & Faith in the midst of the Climate Crisis

Beset with climate-caused disasters, it’s easy to feel helpless. But in actions both big and small we can find hope. For Advent 2023, Karri Munn-Venn – writer, climate activist and wool farmer – offered reflections, scripture readings and prayer. 

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Thread of Hope

Designed to be used a daily reflection received in your inbox, or for group study as an entire booklet, Thread of Hope ties together a diverse array of writers, viewpoints and activities.

Each week of Advent begins with an illustration by Latvian artist Arta Aruja. It introduces the theme and scripture passage that takes us through the familiar Advent story, from the angel messengers and the journey to Bethlehem, to the shepherds responding to the message and the birth of Jesus. You will read a reflection from a PWRDF partner, volunteer or staff member, followed by a guided meditation from Cheryl Barker (to read or listen to!). Each week, a different writer will reflect on a scripture passage and offer a prayer for each day, followed by a PWRDF story.

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In 2020, PWRDF staff and friends collaborated to produce an At-Home Advent with PWRDF, a collection of video reflections focussing on how our work with PWRDF has changed us. Click here to read the daily devotionals or here to view the videos.

Advent Lives 2020 Children’s Resource


For this resource, we asked four specially selected writers and theologians to connect themes of Advent to PWRDF areas of work:

Laurel Dykstra, John Hannen, Marion Taylor and Mary Jo Leddy delve into the scriptural readings for Advent and connect them to the weekly themes of Advent, and the work of PWRDF.

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Advent Lives

This 2019 resource for children tells the Christmas story through the animals that help contributed to the lives of our partners in our All Mothers and Children Count program, many of which are available in our World of Gifts guide. Cows, goats, sheep, even guinea fowl all play a role in this resource. Children will learn about the importance of PWRDF’s livestock program to food security in Mozambique, Tanzania and Rwanda. This resource can be used in Sunday Schools, Youth Groups or at home, in whole or in part. Includes stories, candle lighting prayers, activities and crafts. Download the Advent Lives PDF


The Reverend Robert Mitchell, parish priest of St. Olave’s, Swansea in the Diocese of Toronto, connects stories of courage and resilience exemplified by women in the Bible with stories of women in PWRDF programs. Each reflection includes a scripture reading, a reflection and prayer.

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The Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck created the 2017 Advent Reflection for PWRDF.

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