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Food Security

Download Sharing Bread and other food security resources

Sharing Bread (One) – Leader’s Guide

Sharing Bread is a resource developed based on the educational work done by PWRDF staff with a group at the Sorrento Centre in 2014. This program explores issues of food security in conjunction with PWRDF’s Fred Says campaign. Use the entire resource as a multi-week study, or use pieces of it at events, parish or diocesan gatherings or education events.

Download Sharing Bread (One) – Leader’s Guide

Sharing Bread (Two) – Leader’s Guide

Learn more about issues of food security through Sharing Bread (Two). This educational resource equips participants to address issues of food security in their parishes and communities at events, parish/diocesan gatherings and educational sessions. Sharing Bread (Two) can be used as a whole or as a single session.

Download Sharing Bread (Two)

Sharing Bread (Three) – Leader’s Guide

The third and final edition of the Sharing Bread trilogy. Use this resource as a whole or as individual sessions to educate parishioners and members of your community about issues of food security and PWRDF. Collect all three!

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Download Sharing Bread (Three)

Just Food- Leader’s Guide

This resource is designed to support your work for food justice as well as PWRDF’s ongoing support for global and Indigenous partners. Create an interactive, fun, challenging space for youth to explore questions about food and justice. Designed for people who work with youth but can be used intergenerationally.

Cost: Free to a maximum of 2 copies per parish, per year (see order form)

Download Just Food- Leader’s Guide

Hunger is Not a Game Leader’s Guide

Most young people know about The Hunger Games. They’ve read the books, seen the movies and may have even taken online quizzes to find out which character they are. This intergenerational resource encourages people to watch The Hunger Games together and reflect on the messages that the movie contains about food. The resource is divided into six sessions. In each session you will watch a scene from the movie, have a discussion, participate in an activity, and learn about PWRDF and the work partners are doing around food.

Download Hunger is Not a Game

World Food Day (October 16) worship resource 2019

This 2019 World Food Day resource, prepared by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank with PWRDF, includes resources to pray, give and advocate for an end to global hunger. Perfect for use on the Sunday following Thanksgiving in Canada, or any time! Prayers, songs, litanies, stories, and other features including a children’s activity are all focused on the theme of women’s empowerment and support for all people around the world who do not get enough to eat.

Download the 2019 resource

World Food Day (October 16) worship resources 2018

PWRDF has partnered with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to present this resource that can be used for WFD or any time. PWRDF has also created a Eucharist setting to help you celebrate World Food Day and to reflect on the importance of food security. You can download and use the 2014, 2015 or 2016 orders of service.

Download World Food Day (October 16) worship resources