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Children and Youth

SuperFriends, Advent Lives, youth resources and the new Encounters VBS

Children’s Resources

Super Friends 10!

Super Friends is a long-standing Social Justice resource produced by PWRDF for children with stories, activities and faith connection. In this newly revised edition you will find these same elements and more.

Download Super Friends 10!

Download the leader resource

(See other Super Friends issues below)

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Encounters VBS

This brand new resource for Sunday Schools and families provides prayers, activities and exciting ways to learn about the work of PWRDF. Use it as a five-day Vacation Bible School or draw on specific stories for home or Sunday School use. Learn more here.

Download Encounters

Advent Lives

In this Advent Lives resource, PWRDelF leads children through stories, activities and crafts linking PWRDF’s World of Gifts to the Advent season. As children prepare for Christmas, they learn how communities prepare to receive gifts of donkeys, goats, chickens, midwife shawls and seeds.

Download the Advent Lives PDF.

This 2019 resource tells the Christmas story through the animals that help contributed to the lives of our partners in our All Mothers and Children Count program, many of which are available in our World of Gifts guide. Cows, goats, sheep, even guinea fowl all play a role in this resource. Children will learn about the importance of PWRDF’s livestock program to food security in Mozambique, Tanzania and Rwanda. This resource can be used in Sunday Schools, Youth Groups or at home, in whole or in part. Includes stories, candle lighting prayers, activities and crafts. Download the Advent Lives PDF

Living in Colour colouring book

Create for General Synod 2019, this colouring book includes six images and brief stories connecting PWRDF’s work to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Download Living in Colour

Super Friends 9!

Super Friends return with stories, prayers, games and fun opportunities for 7-to 9-year-olds to learn about PWRDF. How can kids help? Find out by downloading Super Friends9!

Download Super Friends 9!

Super Friends 8!

Super Friends return with stories, prayers and fun opportunities for 7- to 9-year-olds to learn about PWRDF. How can kids help? Find out in Super Friends.

Download Super Friends 8!

Super Friends 7!

PWRDF Super Friends are back with more stories and more learning about Super Friends around the world! Super Friends 7! will introduce 7- to 9-year-olds, and others, to issues that impact our everyday lives. How can kids help? Find out by ordering Super Friends 7! For all of the children in your parish, in your community and in your life.

Download Super Friends 7!

Super Friends 2 through 5

Super Friends return and bring more learning. This resource will introduce 7- to 9-year-olds, and others too, to issues that impact our everyday lives. How can kids help?

Youth resources

Youth Devotional

The Youth Council has created Making a Difference, a devotional to encourage young people across Canada to learn more about PWRDF through prayer and reflection and other activities.

Download this version to read in spread format.

Just Food- Leader’s Guide

This resource is designed to support your work for food justice as well as PWRDF’s ongoing support for global and Indigenous partners. Create an interactive, fun, challenging space for youth to explore questions about food and justice. Designed for people who work with youth but can be used intergenerationally.

Cost: Free to a maximum of 2 copies per parish, per year (see order form)

Download Just Food- Leader’s Guide

Hunger is Not a Game Leader’s Guide

Most young people know about The Hunger Games. They’ve read the books, seen the movies and may have even taken online quizzes to find out which character they are. This intergenerational resource encourages people to watch The Hunger Games together and reflect on the messages that the movie contains about food. The resource is divided into six sessions. In each session you will watch a scene from the movie, have a discussion, participate in an activity, and learn about PWRDF and the work partners are doing around food.

Download Hunger is Not a Game