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Promote PWRDF

Ideas and resources for promoting PWRDF in your parish

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LOGOS: Click on either of the logos above to open the JPEG, then save the image to your computer to use in your print materials or digital programs.

PHOTOS: High resolution images from some of our programs are available on our Flickr site. Don’t see what you need? Contact Communications Coordinator Janice Biehn.

Promote PWRDF in your Parish or community

There are brochures, bookmarks, educational resources, donor envelopes, booklets and presentations available free of charge. View Full Listing and Order.

You can request a speaker to come to your church, either for a Sunday morning service or other special event where you want to spread the word.

request a speaker

We also produce Voices of Hope bulletin inserts each month that bring stories of our programs to life for your parishioners.

Organize a PWRDF Sunday

In honour of our 60th anniversary we have created a new worship resource, Partners Together on a Journey.

Keep up to date

Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook. Be sure to use our Twitter handle @PWRDF when tweeting about your event, or tag @pwrdfcan when sharing news about your event on Facebook.

Host a Fundraiser

From coast to coast to coast, Canadian church communities host bake sales, bike rides, hymn sings, educational events and more, all to raise awareness and funds about the good work of PWRDF.

Host a Mapping the Ground We Stand On exercise

This reconciliation for education resource invites participants to walk on to the northern part of Turtle Island (Canada) and discover the Indigenous Peoples that have been here for thousands of years.

Join the Ride for Refuge

Every year, PWRDF supporters ride bikes or walk in support of a different PWRDF project with the national Ride for Refuge. Sign up a team, join a team or support a participant here!

Pray with us

Making a Difference

The Youth Council has created Making a Difference, a devotional to encourage young people across Canada to learn more about PWRDF through prayer and reflection and other activities. Click on the full screen mode above to download.

Lent Resources


PWRDF’s Lenten resource, Our Lenten Journey through the Waters of Baptism, provides an opportunity to pray, act and give while deepening your understanding of the work of PWRDF and partners. Written by the Venerable Charlene Taylor of the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador.

Download Lent 2019 Resource


We are grateful to former Youth Council member Allie Colp for writing this year’s Lent Resource, which was enjoyed by more than 700 subscribers.

Download 2018 Lent Resource

Advent Resources


The Reverend Robert Mitchell, parish priest of St. Olave’s, Swansea in the Diocese of Toronto, connects stories of courage and resilience exemplified by women in the Bible with stories of women in PWRDF programs. Each reflection includes a scripture reading, a reflection and prayer.

Download Advent 2018 Resource


The Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck created the 2017 Advent Reflection for PWRDF.

Download 2017 Advent Resource

World Food Day (October 16) with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank


This 2019 World Food Day resource, prepared by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank with PWRDF, includes resources to pray, give and advocate for an end to global hunger. Perfect for use on the Sunday following Thanksgiving in Canada, or any time! Prayers, songs, litanies, stories, and other features including a children’s activity are all focused on the theme of women’s empowerment and support for all people around the world who do not get enough to eat.

Download 2019 World Food Day worship resource


PWRDF offers a Eucharist setting to help you celebrate World Food Day and to reflect on the importance of food security. PWRDF has partnered with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to present Open Hands, a resource that can be used for World Food Day or any time.

Download 2018 World Food Day worship resource
Download 2017 World Food Day worship resource

World Refugee Day (June 20)

“Welcoming the Stranger” is designed to help groups “pray, give, learn, and advocate on conflict, migration, refugees and food security.” The resource can be used in part or in whole at any other time of the year.  The “Give” section of the resource features PWRDF’s food assistance work in South Sudan.

Download World Refugee Day (June 20) Worship Resource

If you have any questions about these worship resources, please contact Suzanne Rumsey, Public Engagement Program Coordinator.

Be part of the PWRDF Speakers’ Bureau

Have you worked with PWRDF in the past and feel you would be good at sharing our work with your community? If so, you could be part of our Speakers’ Bureau. Please contact Christine Hills for more information.