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Gaza and West Bank: PWRDF joins multinational alliance of Anglican organizations in joint project

Al-Ahli Arab Hospital Director Suhaila Tarazi stands in the destroyed Admin Room. (Diocese of Jerusalem Photo)

January 26, 2024

By Jacqueline Tucci

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Within days of the Hamas attack on Israel in October 2023, which was quickly followed by Israeli retaliatory attacks, PWRDF issued an emergency appeal for Gaza. A relief grant of $30,000 was immediately sent to long-standing partner, the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital (operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem), which was used to hire much-needed staff, and to buy an increased supply of fuel and medical supplies.  

Now, as PWRDF and our partners look to the future and longer-term support in the region, a proposal for a new six-month project, which will run from February 1, 2024, to July 31, 2024, has been designed in consultation with a partnership of Anglican humanitarian and development agencies, including PWRDF, who are convened by the Anglican Alliance. Eight agencies from five countries (Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Canada), have joined hands in support of a single proposal. This relieves the Diocese of Jerusalem of the need to provide individual proposals and reports to each funding agency at a time when they are already nearing capacity as they respond to the emergency. This joint proposal streamlines the communication and working relationship between the Anglican Alliance, smaller groups representing the agencies, and the office of the Diocese of Jerusalem. 

Key objectives of the project include: 

  • Support for the most vulnerable people who were directly affected by this ongoing situation, to receive quality in-patient and outpatient health services at the Diocese of Jerusalem Health Institutions in the West Bank. 
  • Support for the most vulnerable people in the region, especially children, to receive quality education at the Diocese of Jerusalem Education Institutions in the West Bank. 
  • Support for the wounded and traumatized in Gaza to receive medical interventions (inpatient and outpatient) at the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital. 

Several Diocese of Jerusalem Institutions will benefit from this project, including:  

  • The Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza, including medical services for 1,005 outpatients 134 inpatients (total 1139). 
  • Saint Luke’s Hospital in Nablus, including medical services for 1,002 outpatients 142 inpatients (total 1144). 
  • Penmen Clinic in Jenin (Zababdeh village), including medical services for 200 patients. 
  • Christian National Kindergarten in Nablus, including tuition fee support for 25 students. 
  • Saint George’s School in East Jerusalem, including tuition fee support for 100 students. 

The project proposed in this joint initiative will directly support 2,608 people, while an additional 14,512 people will benefit indirectly, bringing the total to 17,120 people supported.  

In Gaza, the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital continues to operate, despite dangerous and precarious conditions and at great personal risk, with staff performing upwards of 20 surgeries per day.  

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