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Fred Says “It’s Good to be Full of Beans”

January 3, 2014

By Simon Chambers

The latest Fredism in PWRDF’s Fred Says campaign is “It’s Good to be Full of Beans.”  Beans and other legumes are a critical source of protein and other nutrients in countries around the world, and PWRDF works with partner agencies to provide training in farming techniques as well as seeds to get small-scale farmers started in growing beans and other fruits and vegetables.

Josephine Kabanga, a former refugee now returned to Burundi, is one such farmer.  “When I came back from the refugee camp in Tanzania, I did not have anything,” she told PWRDF.  “My husband’s family had taken back our land.  I had to start from scratch.  I was living in my mother’s house that had a small plot of land, but we did not use it for agriculture.  In the refugee camp, we didn’t have much to do.  I didn’t even know how to work the land and grow vegetables and fruits.  Through the program I learned so much.  I have planted lenga-lenga [amaranth], onions and eggplant.  I have also planted bananas, papayas and an avocado tree.  I have a goat and my children have milk from it every day.  We don’t go hungry anymore.”

The goal of the “It’s Good to be Full of Beans” Fredism is to help 600 families like Josephine’s to become self-sufficient through the production of their own food.  You can help us reach our goal by donating.

Fred Says – It’s Good To Be Full Of Beans – from Design Pilot on Vimeo.

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