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Encounters 2020

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The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, PWRDF, is excited to share a new children’s resource with you. This resource was originally developed as a Summer Day Camp program and has the flexibility to be either a full day or a half-day program. It can also be used in weekly children’s ministry or home settings. We strive to provide an experience for young people, their families and you that is grounded in the love of God, encompassed by the beauty of creation and seeks to build communities that make a difference in the world. 

Why Encounters? 

By way of this resource, we will Encounter God through our sacred stories, our local communities and global communities using stories from PWRDF partners. In addition, our hope is that this will help you during the summer to continue your ministry alongside children and young people in your community (ages 6-11 years.)

PWRDF strives to complement the ministry you are already doing and offer an opportunity to connect with PWRDF partners and local organizations and initiatives. Whilst Encounters is a weeklong summer program, we hope this will be a pivotal point for congregations, parishes and regional ministries to work collaboratively to establish and maintain a ministry with children, youth and families that is affirming and continues to connect with the global community as we seek to live in a truly just, healthy and peaceful world. 

We recognize the reality many communities face, including volunteer burnout and the cost of programming and resources. Through Encounters, we offer a model that demonstrates the importance of sharing knowledge and resources from, with and in the whole community and to give among each other. 

This model is one that affirms the Five Marks of Mission and shares the responsibility for nurturing relationships with God through the whole community, with opportunities for young and old to learn, to discover and to wonder about the awesomeness of God together. 

Encounters is an integrated program that engages children and young people in conversations and questions about faith, their relationship with God, the Church and social justice. It is foundational to this ministry that
we recognize young people are innately spiritual. By doing this we are affirming the Encounters of God with young people, and supporting them as they grow to live out with confidence and integrity who they are in God through Jesus. 

Su McLeod
Youth Engagement Coordinator, PWRDF 

PWRDF would like to thank the following people for their contributions, consultations and editing:

  • Cheryl Barker, Diocese of Niagara
  • Allie Colp, Diocese of Nova Scotia and PEI 
  • Melissa Greene, Territory of the People 
  • Jessica Steele, Diocese of New Westminster 
  • Katie Douglas, Diocese of Toronto

Scroll down and click on the individual day of the week for daily themes and programming.

We’ve got videos! Enhance your Encounters program with VIDEOS. Daily programming and daily music videso can be found here or within each individual day below.

PWRDF would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the videos:

  • Leah Marshall, PWRDF Youth Council 
  • Anne Kessler, Friend of PWRDF 
  • William Hollinghurst, PWRDF Youth Council 
  • James Mesich, PWRDF Youth Council
  • John Minkley, Friend of PWRDF 
  • Mike MacKenzie, PWRDF Youth Council 
  • The Rev. Steve Greene, Friend of PWRDF 
  • Cheryl Marek, Friend of PWRDF
  • Melissa Green, Friend of PWRDF 
  • Celeste Allyn, Friend of PWRDF 
  • The Rev. Will Ferrey, Friend of PWRDF
  • Margo Hearne, PWRDF Diocesan Rep, Caledonia 
  • Duncan Chalmers, PWRDF Youth Council 
  • Heather & Becky Coholan, Friend of PWRDF 
  • Charlotte Lilley, PWRDF Youth Council ​

Planning, Prep and Follow up