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Diocesan Representatives: PWRDF’s Backbone

June 3, 2010

By pwrdf

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June 15 Story: Diocesan Representatives: PWRDF’s Backbone

There is a special network of volunteers that PWRDF relies on to connect Anglicans in Canada with the work of our partners here and overseas.  They are known as Diocesan Representatives and as their title suggests they represent PWRDF in their dioceses and represent their dioceses to PWRDF; most formally they do that at the Annual General Meeting of the organization where they are voting members.  Every two years they come together in Toronto for a Leadership Forum and vote in person at the AGM.  In alternate years PWRDF staff, together with invited partners go out to meet with them in locations across the country in what are known as Regional Meetings.  In those years AGM voting generally takes place by proxy.

Both the Forum and the Regional Meetings provide an opportunity for the Diocesan Representatives to network with one another, hear from PWRDF partners, and participate in a variety of activities to better equip them for their work as PWRDF “ambassadors” in their dioceses.   While communications technology helps us to “connect” in the day-to-day, it is these face-to-face meetings that enable the human engagement that is so crucial to partnership and accompaniment.

A contribution of $150 enables a diocesan representative to participate in a three-day Regional Meeting.

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