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DARE Community Addiction Workers

June 3, 2010

By pwrdf

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June 14 Story: DARE Community Addiction Workers

Life in a refugee camp can be incredibly difficult.  Many young people living in camps along the Thai-Burma border have been there their entire lives, and have had to deal with a lack of employment and educational opportunities, trauma and loss of family and friends, and a lack of control over their lives.  It is not surprising that many children and young people end up turning to drug use.  Children as young as seven are smoking, and by the time they are 12, they are often using drugs.
PWRDF has been working with the Drug Addiction Recovery and Education Program (DARE) since 2004.  DARE is involved in maintaining drug recovery treatment facilities, training addiction workers, helping to restore hope by encouraging income generation activities, and educating people and families.  DARE works directly in10 communities ( refugee camps, villages, and other areas where internally displaced people (IDPs) can be found) along the Thai Burma border.

Your donation to PWRDF can help to fund the 120 Community Addiction Workers trained by DARE to continue to serve those most vulnerable along the Thai Burma border.

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