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Caring for Refugees in Cairo

June 15, 2016

By Simon Chambers

For refugees who have had to leave everything behind and flee for their lives from violence or persecution, finding a place of safety, a new home, can feel like a God-send.  But even when they have arrived at a haven, refugees are often restricted in their ability to work, go to school, or even access medical care.

This is often the case for the hundreds of thousands of refugees who now call Cairo, Egypt home.  PWRDF has worked for years with Refuge Egypt, a project based out of the Anglican cathedral in Cairo which supports refugees in Cairo and Alexandria.  Last year, PWRDF responded to the growing needs in Cairo by raising funds for Refuge Egypt through the Ride for Refuge.  PWRDF teams riding from coast to coast (not quite to the northern coast) raised over $30,000 for Refuge Egypt’s work.

Today, on World Refugee Day, we want to thank again everyone who rode last year or who supported a rider, and to share the story of just one of the thousands of refugee families who have been helped by your generosity.

A Sudanese refugee brought his nine-month old daughter in to a Refuge Egypt health clinic. His daughter was feverish and clearly needed to be admitted to the hospital.

The man explained that he couldn’t take his daughter to the hospital- his wife had died in an accident in the winter, leaving him with seven children to care for.  His 12-year old daughter was the only assistance he had.

If he took time off from his job to stay with the baby in the hospital, no one could care for the other children, and he would lose his income for all those days- money his children needed.

Refuge Egypt helped the man’s 12-year old daughter to care for his sick infant.  Every day she brought the baby back to the clinic for treatment, and so that she could continue to learn how to care for the baby.

With the care of her older sister, the support of Refuge Egypt, and the grace of God, the baby was completely cured of her illness.