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Camp… not just for kids anymore!

June 21, 2010

By pwrdf

 “Live the Change you want to see in the World” was the theme of Justice Camp 2010.  80 “campers” gathered at McMaster University to worship, learn and be challenged  to live this prophetic call.  Young and old gathered from across Canada for a week of experiential learning.  Integral to the Justice Camp experience were 3-day immersions that gave each participant a chance to learn about one specific justice issue in more depth by visiting a local project and learning from people working and living with the particular experience of injustice.

PWRDF sponsored three “campers” to participate in this year’s Justice Camp.  All claimed it to be a life changing experience.  One of PWRDF’s Global Partners, Edmond Bayisabe spoke about the joy of learning about justice issues in the Canadian context (specifically around Indigenous Issues and the upcoming Truth and Reconciliation Commission) and being able to take these learnings back to Burundi where they are starting their own Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

A donation of $350 to PWRDF can help sponsor a future “Justice Camper”.  Through the program, PWRDF is dedicated to giving young people (16-30) leadership and educational possibilities.  Your donation will make it possible for youth and young adults to continue having life changing experiences – like Justice Camp – that challenge them to “Live the Change they want to see in the World”.

Photo: Top Row (L to R): Carl Fraser, Chris Miller, Simon Chambers
Bottom: Sue-Ann Ward, Jeff Ward, David Dranchuk, Zaya Kuyena