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Call for nominations

You’ve seen the good work of PWRDF and want to do more. You are ready to give more of your valuable time to help make a world of difference. Or maybe, you know someone who is passionate about PWRDF. We are currently seeking nominations for the following two categories:

1. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for PWRDF is requesting nominations for positions on the PWRDF Board. 

The Board is seeking nominations of individuals who show awareness or involvement and empathy for international development goals and the Truth and Reconciliation process established by the Anglican Church. A willingness to walk with our Indigenous brothers and sisters towards mutual understanding and respect is necessary. Directors are expected to adhere to and uphold the mission, vision and values of PWRDF.

Can you think of any individual from your Diocese whom you think would be qualified to serve on the PWRDF Board? Serving on the Board is a demanding volunteer commitment in terms of time. However, it also offers a wonderful opportunity to work with Anglicans across Canada to put our Gospel values in action to benefit “the least of these” in our world.

If you identify suitable candidates, please encourage them to stand for election and fill out the PWRDF Board Nomination Form.

2. Honorary Associates

PWRDF is seeking nominations for Honorary Associates to the Board of Directors. The Honorary Associate title is bestowed upon no more than two individuals per year.

The honour is given for prolonged and exceptional volunteer service to PWRDF. The award is a certificate given at the annual general meeting, to which all Honorary Associates are invited, or given out by diocesan bishops in the honorees’ home dioceses. (Honorary Associates do not have voting privileges. They are welcome to nominate individuals to be considered for an election slate for directors of the board.

If you know an outstanding individual or group with a record of exemplary service to PWRDF through their volunteering of time, dedication, talents and gifts, please fill out the PWRDF Honorary Associates Form.

Please Note: All nomination forms should be submitted to Mishael David no later than May 21, 2021. Only nominees to be interviewed will be contacted. Elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting in September 2021.

Thank you for identifying potential members who could advance the vital work of PWRDF.

Valerie Isaac, Chair

PWRDF Nominating Committee