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PWRDF accepting donations for Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi

Lillian Scorrar-Olsen

Diocese of Huron

Lillian is a PWRDF representative for Essex deanery and a PWRDF parish representative. She recently participated in a mission trip to Malawi with Canadian Foodgrains Bank as the PWRDF representative and was struck by the devastation caused by climate change and the need for developed countries to do more to combat it. She has given presentations on PWRDF maternal, child and newborn health programs and on the partnership with CFGB.

Lillian has taught at St. Clair College for eight years and is a member of the quality assurance committee at Hôtel Grace Dieu Healthcare Hospital.

She is working on a doctorate in Global Health Studies, focusing on maternal, newborn and child health and food security and on ways to improve the health of indigenous children. Her nominator Rosalyn Elm+, the royal chaplain to the Mohawks, calls Lillian a passionate and outspoken advocate for the vulnerable, oppressed and marginalized and a devoted Anglican. Lillian has worked on projects following on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, including a deanery mission flying food and other goods to the people of Kingfisher Lake. She also works with a local food bank, is on a committee for the Bishop’s Dinner and this year organized a gala dinner for PWRDF. Lillian is 30 and of Asian descent and says she knows what it is to overcome barriers herself. She says she feels God is calling her to do more for the Anglican Church and for those in need such as she saw in Malawi.