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An Easter Reflection from Will Postma, PWRDF Executive Director

March 27, 2024

By Will Postma

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There is something solemn in the walk of a donkey, as I have seen in so many communities around the world that depend on this creature to get through a day, gathering up and carrying water, firewood, food for the family. Slowly, purposefully, the donkey’s efforts ensure that the family has what it needs for warmth and sustenance.

In my earlier years of sometimes sleeping in villages in northern Mali, it was reassuring to have donkeys nearby. Sleeping, remaining calm but quick to make a sound if anything surprising or untoward would happen. The presence of donkeys nearby offered a sense of security.

Easter is so very nearby. Jesus’ words and ministry are still so present and so comforting. Loving our neighbour, pursuing peace, offering compassion.  Jesus died a humiliating death on the cross. Part of his journey to Jerusalem was a humble choice that Jesus made to ride on the back of a donkey.

Dr. Suheila Tarazi, Director of Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza, for which PWRDF and the Anglican Church of Canada have offered prayers and raised funds, shared recently that patients are increasingly arriving to the hospital on a donkey. I can only imagine the dusty and bombed out streets in northern Gaza, the donkey walking slowly, purposefully but gently, not wanting to further the hurts of the patient seeking care and healing.  

This Easter, we pray for peace in the Middle East, in Sudan, in Ukraine, in Mali, for our partners who bring health care, kerosene lamps, clean water, safety and support for those with disabilities and others most impacted and most in need of what Archbishop Hosam of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem asks of us, the courageous pursuit of justice, equality and peace.  

This Holy Week, this Easter, we honour a resurrected Lord, saying… no, shouting…   

Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!

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