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Amani is a 75-year-old woman, with no education and with no means to provide for her family of 13. She is one among millions of Yemeni women who bear the brunt of violent conflict. Amani lives with her five children and their children in an abandoned shelter in Al-Jawf. Despite suffering from chronic high blood pressure, Amani tries to provide for her family by collecting empty plastic bottles and selling them for recycling. Mubarak, her eldest son, is unemployed and unable to secure a source of income. He says Amani’s daughter is divorced. She
 separated from her husband because 
he was unable to provide for her and
 their children and left them.
 Amani relies on charity and wishes to never to
 see her family hungry. Every day Amani is 
away from her home is a day she

-ADRA Yemen