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Ahmed Ali

Ahmed’s home was completely destroyed due to its proximity to a military base so he sought refuge with his wife and seven children under a bridge in Sana’a. To makes ends meet, Ahmed and his children collect empty water bottles and try to sell them.

“We would be lucky if we could earn something between 500 to 700 Y.R. a day ($1 to $1.50). We get to buy bread and yogurt. It is better than nothing,” he says. “Other times, two or three days pass without food until nearby restaurants and people give us their leftovers.”

Despite their daily struggle to secure food, he considers himself lucky. “We had nothing to bring with us, but I look at my kids and thank God every time to see them with me despite the difficulties.

“My heart aches for those who lost their families and had nowhere to go. We can always replace materials like a house or furniture, but we can never replace a human’s life. I thank God we are much better than others.”

-ADRA Yemen