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Abu Hamas Family

Abu Hamas’s family is one of the most war-affected families ADRA came across. The four members all suffer from meningitis, poverty and the burdens of armed conflict.

ADRA visited the family home in Marib during the personal-hygiene awareness field sessions and distribution of hygiene kits.
 The team provided awareness and vital information to the family regarding the significance of public and personal hygiene. The team found the family home to have nearly destroyed walls and cluttered floors, what was seemingly an abandoned home.

ADRA made the family aware of vital issues that would help make a positive change in their lifestyle including the major health risks that they face.
 Abu Hamas and his family welcomed the information and expressed their intention to make positive changes in their day-to-day hygiene. When the team re-visited Abu’s family, he happily welcomed them along with his two little daughters Hamas and Remas.

The team was pleasantly surprised with the positive change they witnessed in the household and how each provided hygiene item is well utilized. The spread of cholera was imminent in most of these areas and such changes are vital to the family’s well- being and survival.

-ADRA Yemen