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A prayer for Burundi

A window in a Burundian church. Photo: Simon Chambers

March 27, 2016

By Adele Finney

Friends of PWRDF and its work in the world,

PWRDF work encompasses both the cross and the resurrection.

Standing at the cross is sometimes the only way to stand with relief, development and advocacy partners who are vulnerable and suffering. After a solidarity visit to Burundi and Rwanda, Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury, called the Anglican Communion to prayer for Burundi, where PWRDF works in partnership with the Diocese of Masasi in a preventive health and food security program. We, too, ask for your prayers for the people and leaders of Burundi.

A Prayer for Burundi

For the beautiful but poor country of Burundi,

we pray dear Lord. 
For the population living in fear and dread, afraid of the unknown and the uncertain,

we ask for hope. 
For those fleeing in Burundi or abroad, we pray for safety,

freedom from disease and famine

and the security that they may return home. 
For those seeking the way of violence

that they would instead seek reconciliation between all parties.
For the surrounding countries that they may remain at peace,

act justly and broker a just settlement.
Enable an end to violence so that Burundi may become a beacon of peace

rather than a place of fear and death. 
Strengthen your church to stand for the ways of justice and righteousness

and to reach out in love to the suffering.
We ask these things in the name of Him

who carried all our human failings on the cross,

Jesus Christ our Lord.


Standing at the empty tomb, and then meeting the risen Christ in the garden or on the road, is often how PWRDF experiences a deep and sustaining joy in places, including Burundi, where people are transforming their lives and communities. May they have resurrection space and time to courageously pursue a truly just, healthy and peaceful world.

In hope and gratitude,


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