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PWRDF’s Statement on Explosion in Beirut

August 5, 2020

PWRDF expresses our shock and deep concern for the all of the victims affected by the massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon yesterday. We stand in solidarity with all of the…

Crisis in Lebanon: The Churches respond

July 21, 2006

…towns in South Lebanon as well as the southern suburbs of Beirut.  Most of the communication networks are disrupted delaying the efforts to save the wounded and remove the dead…

Fiftieth Refugee Family Arrives

July 16, 2013

…left for Beirut. The border closed for the night. Phone calls and e-mails between the border, Jordan and Canada ensued. And then Hamdan was released and the family continued their…

Responding to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

September 9, 2015

Beirut, as well as internally displaced people within Syria through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Families are provided with food vouchers for a year, as well as additional nutritional training for…

ACT warns of “underground disaster”

August 2, 2006

…ACT members and partners responding to the crisis in Lebanon. ACT staff stationed in war-torn Beirut have warned of a potential underground humanitarian crisis facing Lebanon. Dominic Nutt, of ACT…