Food for families and more

Nursery of the Garanga Agricultural Farm, Ysabel, Solomon Islands, 2008

June 22 Story: Food for Families and More

The Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean has an ideal climate for growing: no winter season, regular rain, rich soil.  Despite these benefits, the Islands is a food deficit country.  PWRDF is working with the Diocese of Ysabel to help farmers on the island of Garanga to produce enough food for themselves and to sell through agri-business.  The money they are able to make allows them to pay school fees for their children.
Garanga has four 3-month long growing seasons on the island, so workers on the 15 hectare farm supported by PWRDF are able to grow a variety of crops.  They also use “inter-cropping” to help maintain biodiversity and control pests.  Crops produced by the farm include papaya, corn, peanuts, coffee, coconut, banana, eucalyptus, oranges, and more.

Your donation of $100 to PWRDF can help support a farmer working for a season on the Garanga
Agricultural Farm.

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