Growing Projects connect farmers and churches to feed people in need

The West Carleton Growing Project has been supporting PWRDF through the Foodgrains Bank since 2009. The project receives support from surrounding churches and companies. (Photo: Gary Weir)

It is mid-November and Gary Weir is waiting for the right day to harvest his grain corn. It has been a particularly wet season and […]

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Send A Cow Uganda restores health and humanity

A beneficiary washes dishes using an improved dish rack.

‘My child would not have died if Send a Cow Uganda had come earlier’ Ruth and Vincent live in Mitwizi village as members of the […]

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A bright future for Baby Shining

Ruth and her husband holding baby Shining. who is growing well and is pictured at eight months old.

In the June 2017 issue of Under the Sun, we told you about baby Shining, resuscitated at birth by Dr. Jocelyne Uwinkesha, a young Rwandan […]

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‘The happiest day of my life has finally come’

South Sudanese walk sometimes for more than a day to get to the food distribution site.

PWRDF leading $375,000 food assistance project in South Sudan As winter begins to settle across Canada, hunger persists in South Sudan. PWRDF is leading a […]

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