The Martian narration notes

(Total running time 20:45)THE MARTIAN

Spoiler Alert: (First check to see how many people have seen the movie. Check if you can give the ending away or if people want to watch the whole thing at some later time.)

The Martian takes place sometime in the near future. A mission of six astronauts to Mars has to abandon the planet suddenly when a violent

storm threatens their station (called the HAB) and their lives. In the chaos of the evacuation, one member of the mission Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) is believed by the others to have been killed. The rest of the crew leaves the planet to head back to earth.

But Mark is not dead. And the story that unfolds is about how he struggles to survive, stranded and alone on Mars. An important part of the story is how he deals with his food security needs on a planet where food can’t be grown. Today we will look at how he does that, his successes and his challenges.

One note of explanatiomartian-gallery13-gallery-imagen: The passing of time is marked periodically using the term “sol” as in “Sol 21.”  A “sol” is a day on Mars.

Scenes 5, 6, and 7 – start at 19:14 – “I’m not going to die here.”; counting food and pooping, building green house and planting potatoes, making water, first plant. Run to 28:50.

Scene 12 – start at 41:20 – Harvesting potatoes to “None of this matters if I can’t make contact with NASA.” Run to 41:53

Scene 16 – start at 59:38 – communication with NASA; Colonizing Mars; posing for a photograph. Run to 1:00:55

Scenes 17 and 18 – start at 1:02:21 – loss of potato crop; NASA discusses Mark’s survival time; mission plan. Run to 1:08:00

Postscript (If group wants to know what happened)

Scene 10 – start at 35:00 – “I’m gonna to have to science the shit out of this.” Run to 36:17

Scene 31 – start at 2:11:00 – Mark finds small plant; lectures young astronauts. Run to 2:13:20.