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A Strategy for the Solomons

Asia Pacific Stories

Solomon Islands: Pew Bulletin Story September 2004 Ranking 123 out of 175 on the UN’s Human Development Index, and with a GDP growth rate of […]

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Rural Development in Masasi,Tanzania

Africa Stories, Water Stories

Tanzania: Pew Bulletin Story September 2004 14 villages in southern Tanzania benefit from the projects carried out by the Anglican Diocese of Masasi’s Rural Development […]

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Points of Light in Etwatwa

Africa Stories, HIV/AIDS Stories, South Africa Stories, Women Stories, Youth Stories

South Africa: Pew Bulletin Story September 2004 At the John Wesley Community Centre in Etwatwa, South Africa, the HIV/AIDS project focuses on women living with […]

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Better Health in Uhambingeto

Africa Stories, Tanzania Stories, Women Stories

Tanzania: Pew Bulletin Story September 2004 Before 2003, the community of Uhambingeto, Tanzania, had no access to a health facility.  Women and girls had to […]

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Trails of Our Ancestors: Trails of Our Ancestors

Canada Stories, Featured, Indigenous Stories, Youth Stories

Canada: Indigenous Development For centuries the Tlicho of the Northwest Territories have relied on an intimate knowledge of the land and its wildlife to survive. […]

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Share-Raising A Cow Can Change a Life

Asia Pacific Stories, Women Stories

Bangladesh: Pew Bulletin Stories In Bangladesh there is a traditional social practice called Adhi that takes care of the livelihood of the poorest people, particularly […]

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Building Eastern Africa Community Network

Africa Stories, Women Stories

East Africa: Offering Envelope Program 2000 BEACON is a regional resource centre that brings together faith communities, NGOs and other civil sector organizations and groups […]

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