To Order PWRDF Resources

By email with your name, parish name, complete order, full mailing address, telephone number and parish code.  Please indicate if this is your home mailing address or the church address.  Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for shipping. Download the 2016 Resources Order Form
PWRDF offering envelopeDonation Envelope PWRDF donation envelopes are for use as bulletin inserts on PWRDF Sundays and throughout the year, for special events and for celebrations.  Make them available at your church information table all year long with other PWRDF resources. Cost: Free

5 A’s of Food Security Placemat

placemat-frThe 5 A’s of food security placemat is a great way to begin to dig deeper and broaden people’s understanding of food security and food sovereignty.  Use it for PWRDF  church lunches and suppers, events- anywhere that people gather together to celebrate the work of PWRDF. Larger view of the placemat.  Placemat back.

Download the placemat (596kb).

Cost: Free

Fred Says Placemat

PWRDF placemat 2014The Fred Says placemat is a fun and attractive tool to raise awareness about PWRDF and the Fred Says Food Security Campaign. It can be used in many different ways at many different functions – church lunches and suppers, childrens’ events, PWRDF events, on display tables and in Sunday school classes. Larger view of the placemat.  Placemat back.

Cost: Free

Download the placemat.

2015 PWRDF bookmark5 A’s of Food Security Bookmark

Carry the 5 A’s of food security to deepen and broaden people’s understanding of food security and food sovereignty.  The Fred Says bookmark is a great way to carry PWRDF’s message around with you in your favourite Bible or other book.

Cost: Free


MNCH 2016 bookmarkMaternal, Newborn and Child Health Bookmark-
All Mothers and Children Count

The bookmark contains PWRDF’s Guiding Principles for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.

Cost: Free

Introducing PWRDF 2016Introducing PWRDF brochure cover

Want to know more about the work of PWRDF?  Introducing PWRDF provides an essential overview of PWRDF’s mission, partners and program priorities.  A great introductory brochure to use at public awareness events, church gatherings, provincial synods- anywhere that Anglicans and others gather.  Introducing PWRDF will answer key questions bout the work of PWRDF.

Download (765kb)

Cost: Free

MNCH brochure coverMaternal, Newborn and Child Health Brochure 2016

All Mothers and Children Count is the focus of a five year funding agreement between PWRDF and Global Affairs Canada that will run from 2015 through 2020.  Learn about this program and more in this year’s edition of the MNCH brochure.

Download (698kb)

Cost: Free 



Children’s Resource: Super Friends 5! 5 A’s of Food Security

Super Friends 5 coverSuper Friends return and bring more learning opportunities through the 5 A’s of Food Security.  This resource will introduce 7-9 year olds, and others too, to issues that impact our everyday lives.  How can kids help? Find out by ordering Super Friends 5!  For all of the children in your life and your parish.  Fred Says!


Download Super Friends 4. (3.6Mb)

Cost: Free

Coin Box

Use the Making a world of difference coin box as a way to encourage families to share their bounty with others through coin collection. Share stories of how the money is making a difference.

Cost: Free


PWRDF LogoThe PWRDF logo consists of two elements, shown in the examples below:

The preferred color for the PWRDF symbol is PANTONE Matching system Coated: Purple CV. To accommodate artistic considerations or limited technology, the logo can also be reproduced in black or white.
ITC Legacy Sans Medium is the preferred typeface for the name of the organization.
ITC Legacy Sans is the preferred typeface for all publications.
ITC Legacy Serif typefaces are used for captions, headlines and for emphasis.
PWRDF Logo = symbol + the name: The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund

For permission to use the PWRDF logo please e-mail a request to PWRDF.